Suzana Herculano-Houzel

Sleeping in the clouds

Here I am once again on a plane heading for the USA, to do my work on how many neurons it takes to build a monkey brain. An old monkey when it comes to long journeys, after seven years living abroad, I took advantage of the ease of buying tickets online to secure the place […]

Not a little dark: REALLY dark

We always hear that it’s important to sleep in the dark: “It’s so your eyes can really rest”, “it’s so your brain knows it’s night”, “it’s so your body can relax”. Silence is also important, for similar reasons: “to quiet the brain”. Hence the bedroom separated from the rest of the house, the electric lights…...

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Calm down your hippocampus

Write the column, correct exams, deliver the report, call the contractor who didn’t show up, answer the accumulated emails, use the microscope, pay bills, go to the meeting, pick up the kids on time. The single-day agenda of modern life is hectic and the list would need to be under the eyes at all times […]

The pleasure of unjigging the puzzle

It’s been two months since I took possession of the dining table, the only place in the house large enough to accommodate the assembly of a 3,000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Almost every day during those months, I went to the table either after waking up, when my neurons weren’t awake enough to work, or after dinner, […]

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