Suzana Herculano-Houzel

Let’s talk about sex… in rats

Everyone knows that sex (voluntary and desired) is good. The question, according to some, is why. Given that the natural consequence of sexual contact is the next generation, some think it would be “unnecessary” for sex to be pleasurable: its “prize”, in evolutionary terms, would be procreation which, by definition, perpetuates the behavior. To resolve […]

Adolescence is a brain thing

Pick a book about the brain at random and you’ll probably read that most of the brain’s transformations take place during the first three years of life – or, with good grace, the first ten. After that… chaos: with the brain supposedly ready, adolescence would be that phase of life where everything would be fine […]

Sweating is good for the brain

Gone are the days when exercise was only recommended to keep your heart healthy, your cholesterol low and your blood pressure under control. Nowadays, it’s also recommended for maintaining brain health: it combats the harmful effects of chronic stress, depression, anxiety, improves memory and learning, and even makes the brain produce substances that keep neurons […]

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