Suzana Herculano-Houzel

No, everybody is NOT a little bit autistic

Are you “normal”? Probably yes, and for a very simple reason: mathematically, about 90% of the population is “normal” for every characteristic that can be quantified. Being “normal” doesn’t imply anything good or bad; the term simply denotes that the distribution of that characteristic in the population is bell-shaped, with 90% concentrated near the mean, […]

Why brain soup?

I’ve been for 20 years now in the business of collecting brains from different species and turning them into soup to find out what they are made of – how many neurons, how many non-neuronal cells, and soon now how many of the latter are vasculature. Why? The short practical question is “because we didn’t…...

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The problem with saying no

The intention is the best possible: to prevent them from being run over, destroying the house, taking what isn’t theirs, falling off the wall or killing the cat. You say “don’t put your hand there!” – but your child does anyway. Why is it so difficult to get a child to obey no?   Asterix […]

Does the Brain Work While Watching TV?

If you’re one of those people who turn on the television wanting to turn off your brain, I have some bad news for you: your brain continues to function even in the face of the most imbecilic of programs. Of course, there are different ways of watching TV. There’s TV-wallpaper, TV-radio, TV-cinema, TV-newspaper, TV-babysitter, TV-company-for-sleep, […]

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