Suzana Herculano-Houzel

It’s never too late for new music

There’s an urban legend going around that it’s normal and expected for our musical taste to “freeze” in time, so that once we’re adults, our brains would be stuck on the playlist of the songs we discovered as teenagers. Supposedly, because of a “loss of plasticity” in the reward system, we would be fated to […]

Chimpanzees also have Alzheimer’s disease – now what?

Alzheimer’s disease is not my thing, but we live so much now that it’s inevitable that the subject will end up being mentioned in other contexts. In circles that study the diversity of the nervous system and how the human brain compares to (or differs from) others, one statement was particularly common in lectures: “only […]

Is it Alzheimer’s or isn’t it?

Scientific meetings are often opportunities for researchers to exchange ideas and present to each other what they have just discovered or have begun to study but have not yet made public. That’s why a recent meeting on Alzheimer’s disease was so extraordinary. Two private institutions, the international Alzheimer’s Association and Hong Kong’s Croucher Foundation, brought […]

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