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Neuroscientist On Call

I’m good, thanks.

Just heard this proposed Best Answer to the Genie question (make a wish, and it can’t be for infinite wishes): “I want to know the ...
Neuroscientist On Call

Why Aspies look at mouths

One of the common core traits of autism is atypical gaze direction during social interactions. In some, it is the looking away from the other ...
Neuroscientist On Call

Travel Diaries – I’m the tourist attraction!

It wasn’t even seven o’clock when Bruno and I arrived in the village of Mahabalipuram (Bruno, being Bruno, had to be dragged out of bed ...

Before you get fancy, have you looked at the easiest explanation already?

If a metric goes down by 50% and you want it back to where it was, what do you do? I say first make sure ...
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