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I’m good, thanks.

Just heard this proposed Best Answer to the Genie question (make a wish, and it can’t be for infinite wishes): “I want to know the... ...
Neuroscientist On Call

Why Aspies look at mouths

One of the common core traits of autism is atypical gaze direction during social interactions. In some, it is the looking away from the other... ...
Neuroscientist On Call

Travel Diaries – I’m the tourist attraction!

It wasn’t even seven o’clock when Bruno and I arrived in the village of Mahabalipuram (Bruno, being Bruno, had to be dragged out of bed... ...
Neuroscientist On Call

Why brain soup?

I’ve been for 20 years now in the business of collecting brains from different species and turning them into soup to find out what they... ...
Neuroscientist On Call

Some have more neurons, others have fewer: Where to draw the line?

I just received an email from somebody who was concerned about how my research on numbers of neurons in cats and dogs (and so many... ...

Stream of thought

I catch the subway at Penn Station, NY, to visit a neuroscientist friend before heading back home to Brazil, my hands occupied trying to keep... ...
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An evolutionary study of SfN meeting attendance

“25 year membership pins”, read the box behind the counter of the SfN booth where I was updating the information on the current president of... ...
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Do you really want to be a scientist?

(Note: original text republished in full, without any changes.  Unfortunately, all the values are still current 10 years later) Let’s make the necessary caveats first,... ...
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Kitchen Entropy

My kitchen tends toward maximal entropy

My favorite definition of life is a system that, thanks to metabolism (cycles of transfer of energy and matter) and self-organization, is capable of keeping... ...
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seen my own brain

I’ve seen my own brain!

…and it is gorgeous, with all the gyri and sulci it’s supposed to have! It has a callosum, a caudate, ventricles (a bit on the... ...
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