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Friends, marriage and longevity

Neuroscientist Robert Sapolsky is one of today’s leading experts on stress and, as such, is often asked to give interviews. In one of them, the ...
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Sleep to remember

If you’re still one of those who think that spending a third of your life sleeping is a waste of time, take note of this: ...
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PMS explains, but doesn’t justify

Premenstrual tension may be a woman’s thing, but it’s a problem that ends up affecting everyone – because it always affects those around us, man ...
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The beauty of a smile

Happiness begins in the brain. Do something well, receive a treat or an affection or find a joke funny, and your reward system takes care ...
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Sweating is good for the brain

Gone are the days when exercise was only recommended to keep your heart healthy, your cholesterol low and your blood pressure under control. Nowadays, it’s ...
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