Suzana Herculano-Houzel

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Sexual preference or choice?

Human beings find it incredibly difficult to accept that they are animals. Special in many ways, it’s true – but an animal nonetheless. We like ...
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The pleasure of unjigging the puzzle

It’s been two months since I took possession of the dining table, the only place in the house large enough to accommodate the assembly of ...
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Neuroscientist on the dance floor!

This business of being a columnist is great for many reasons, but I like one in particular: having to write articles every two weeks is ...
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Longing, memory of the future

I’ve been in the USA for two weeks, without children or husband. The husband has been busy with the work at home, the children have ...
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About being able to take medicine

Nobody likes the idea of needing medication for the rest of their life, let alone “for the head”. I once received an email from a ...
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