Suzana Herculano-Houzel

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Is it Alzheimer’s or isn’t it?

Scientific meetings are often opportunities for researchers to exchange ideas and present to each other what they have just discovered or have begun to study ...
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I don’t know when to stop

Another transatlantic flight, another six hours of non-stop work. Tied to a chair, with no options but to go to the toilet or grab something ...
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Open up the mind

The ways of the human mind are a delightful, if occasionally thorny, subject. Several times, in the question period after lectures, on radio shows or ...
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Help yourself

Every time a new drug is tested, it has to be determined whether the substance is inherently active, capable of acting on the body in ...
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Sleeping in the clouds

Here I am once again on a plane heading for the USA, to do my work on how many neurons it takes to build a ...
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