Suzana Herculano-Houzel

I have dysfunctional days

Closed for inventory Somedays, I might as well wear a sign that says that. I’m inside my own head – and happily so, mind you. It’s just that pulling me outside of my own mind to engage with the external world seems to require an extra effort that.I may not have that day. I’m not […]

Anxiety, constant bane of us autistics

I can tell you what it is. I can’t tell you why we have it. Yet, anxiety is a common feature of people on the autism spectrum. Anxiety is a physiological and mental state of readiness as the brain expects to have to deal with a problem – even if the problem for now only […]

Why does the shuffle button work?

My kids got me hooked on the games in the New York Times app. Wordle, which is a “Password” of letters that form words (do kids today still play Password? That game was a sensational lesson in logical thinking!), which I already knew, but hadn’t yet ventured into the others. Spelling Bee and Connections became […]

Peer review sucks

 Dear scientist trying to publish your findings, Yes, Peer review sucks. I’m with you. I too have had my share of discontent and disappointment and disparaging remarks, and even insults. I have been gratuitously accused of not knowing the first thing about my own field; of not knowing that I should use the method that […]

Why did it take me so long to realize I was autistic? Because I am autistic, duh

…and it’s all the more telling that it took me FOUR YEARS after my diagnosis to realize that the reason why I didn’t realize sooner that I was autistic was exactly because I was autistic. Let me explain. Autism is characterized by sensory hyper- OR hyposensitivities. Most commonly, the hypersensitivities are visual/auditory/haptic (fancy for “touch-related”) […]

On how I found myself on the spectrum

Frankly, what made me discover that I was autistic – or “Aspie”, as I like to put it – was my seemingly ever-growing talent to piss off my then-husband. Unwittingly – without even trying. Actually, it seemed I could piss him off exactly by trying to not piss him off. My son had been reading […]

If only more scientists were like Harry Jerison

I was nobody. I was this Brazilian woman who trained with nobody to be a quantitative neuroanatomist, who did this outrageous thing of turning brains into soup, and had come out of left field from counting neurons with her brain soup to claim that bigger brains were not necessarily made of more neurons; that larger […]

Not a little dark: REALLY dark

We always hear that it’s important to sleep in the dark: “It’s so your eyes can really rest”, “it’s so your brain knows it’s night”, “it’s so your body can relax”. Silence is also important, for similar reasons: “to quiet the brain”. Hence the bedroom separated from the rest of the house, the electric lights…...

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I’m good, thanks.

Just heard this proposed Best Answer to the Genie question (make a wish, and it can’t be for infinite wishes): “I want to know the future”. I didn’t have to think twice to protest. I think that would be the SUCKIEST, most disheartening thing EVER. I don’t want to know that my efforts to do […]

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